Lab 101

Green potion beaker

CryptoMonster token holders can bring two of their CryptoMonsters and combine them to create a new hybrid species. The two original CryptoMonsters will be burnt creating a deflationary mechanism. In return they will have a new and more rare hybrid species. The rarity of your new creation will also depend on how rare the original CryptoMonsters are. Some of the new species created in the lab will be used in the comic book that will be airdropped to CML token holders.

You can also enhance your CryptoMonsters by combining two of the same species in order to create a more powerful CryptoMonster with enhanced traits.

monster mash upmonster mash up

What you can do in the CryptoMonster Lab

Calaveras Zombies

The professor's first set of lab experiments yield some interesting results.

Monster mash-up

Combine two different species of CryptoMonster and create new species of monsters!

Superpowered CryptoMonsters

If you have two of the same species, you can bring them to the lab and run experiments in a bid to give them enhanced powers.

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