This tentacled, oversized cephalopod is always eager to give an eight-armed, rib-cracking bear hug to unsuspecting sailors and unlucky opponents in the ring.


Silence and stealth are the key attributes of this nocturnal monster whose hobbies include munching on bugs and closets full of old clothing, and also racing like a maniac toward the first bright light that he sees.


As cranky as he is strong, this hairy Northwest beast eschews the limelight and poparazzi at the same time that he cashes in on licensing revenues from a cottage industry in windshield stickers and chainsaw statues.


One of the most elusive of all monsters, this armored, winged serpent makes his home in high Cascade Range calderas and deep lava tubes ready to melt the hair off of anyone foolish enough to seek him out.

lixard man
Lizard Man

Still looking for romance since first falling in love in the Black Lagoon, this scaly Romeo lets nothing stand in the way of his obsessions, whether it’s his latest inamorata or a championship cage fighting title.


Undersized but lightning-quick, this welterweight of the monster world has needle-sharp incisors and an unquenchable thirst for the blood of unsuspecting goats or his cage fighting opponents.


It’s hard to pin down this slippery shapeshifter who might be your accountant or yoga instructor by day and then feasting on your carcass by the light of a full moon at night.


Take one look at the skewer of this beast’s stiletto-sharp horn and its bone chilling, one-eyed maniac stare, and you’ll know that unicorns aren’t just glitter and rainbows.


When you add wings and a sonar squeak to the furry strength of a sasquatch, you’ve got one of the most dangerous creatures in the cryptozoology canon.


He’s either shy, antisocial or both, but you’re lucky if you catch a glimpse of this elusive marine master of the art of surprise with a knack for showing up when you least expect him to.


You don’t want to butt heads with this horny sasquatch mutation whose incredible strength is augmented by impressive headgear that can mash you to a pulp.

the professor
The Professor

Nobody has been able to figure out whether the Professor is a mad genius or a devious cult leader, but his genetic experiments and cage fighting compound has attracted the most fearsome collection of monsters the world has ever seen.

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